10x More Effective than CPR alone

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Saving a life has never been easier!

A heart attack can strike anywhere, anyone, and at any time. CPR alone will not save a life, but there is something that can.
Sere-Heart Safe Centers in South Africa

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Rescue SAM

For those who value sinplicity and reliability.

Capability in Simplicity

A semi-automatic defibrillator designed for simplicity and reliability in basic life support protocols
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Rescue SAM 4.0

For the Modern LifeSaver.

Innovation Meets Lifesaving

An automated defibrillator featuring a 4-Core Analysis System for continuous ECG signal analysis, designed for the modern lifesaver
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Rescue SAM 4.0D

For the advanced rescuer.

The Precision LifeSaver

Our most advanced defibrillator with a high visibility 7” colour display for clear and manageable reading of vital signs.
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Rescue Life 9

For the professional in demand.

Reliability in Demand

Designed for modern emergency medicine with an intuitive interface, a shock-resistant display, and a battery capable of continuous monitoring for over 10 hours.”
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What We Believe

We believe every space in South Africa and the world should be safe for all. What happens if you go into cardiac arrest at work, in a public space, in the waiting room at the doctor? Who will save you, and how? Our Rescue SAM AEDs ensure your life can be saved and that it is so simple that even a child could do it,


"Our experience with the service provided has been exceptional. Anne-Marie, in particular, has been a fantastic support. Given our frequent need to meet tight timelines when opening new stores, she has always gone above and beyond with a friendly 'can do' attitude."
Liana Proost, The IV Bar

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